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Master PU L-F Lightweight Delivery Hose

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The Master PU L-F Lightweight Delivery Hose is an innovative solution designed for the efficient transport of abrasive dust and other challenging materials. Its ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible construction make it suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in wood processing machines and shavings extractions in wood processing. Its pure polyester polyurethane wall ensures durability and resistance to various elements.

Key Features:

  1. Spiral Spring Steel Wire Construction: Provides structural integrity and high tensile strength.
  2. Wall Thickness: Approximately 0.4mm thickness between spirals, offering a protective barrier against mechanical wear.
  3. Ultra-lightweight & Extremely Flexible: Facilitates ease of installation and handling.
  4. Highly Abrasion-resistant: Well-suited for transporting abrasive dust and other materials that may cause wear.
  5. Smallest Bending Radius: Allows for versatile application and positioning.
  6. Good UV and Ozone Resistance: Extends the lifespan of the hose, even in demanding environmental conditions.
  7. Gas-tight & Kink-resistant: Ensures uninterrupted flow and reliable performance.
  8. Anti-static Design: Complies with TRBS 2153 (Zone 1, 21) for non-flammable dust/bulk solids and gases/liquids with low conductivity of electrostatic charges, when earthed at both ends of the spiral.
  9. Solvent, Oil, and Petroleum-proof: Offers resistance against various chemicals and liquids.
  10. Symmetrical Fold Behavior: Provides balanced and predictable flexibility.
  11. Compressible: Approximately 1:5 compression ratio, allowing for convenient storage and transportation.

The Master PU L-F Lightweight Delivery Hose represents a versatile solution for various industrial applications. Its design emphasizes both strength and flexibility, ensuring that it can handle abrasive materials without compromising on performance. Whether used in wood processing, manufacturing, or other sectors requiring efficient transport of abrasive dust and shavings, this hose delivers a reliable and high-quality solution. Its unique features, including its lightweight construction, abrasion resistance, and anti-static design, make it an indispensable tool for modern industry.


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Master PU L-F Lightweight Delivery Hose, Industrial Hoses at JML Henderson

Master PU L-F Lightweight Delivery Hose




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