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Coloured Hose Tags

The Coloured ID Solution BAND-FAST® is pre-assembled with a clip, buckle or seal – an already pre-assembled product gives you an edge over your competition with speed and ease of use. The BAND-FAST is 30% faster to install – this might seem small in a small application area but a 30% cost reduction in time and labour can be very cost effective in large projects.

Coatings are available in a variety of colour options and types from the COLOR-IT® range, proving superior performance while being manufactured with your specific application at heart. Whether you are colour coding different materials, or matching existing hardware of specific projects or components, we have the perfect solution to your project needs.

Laser Marked Hoses

A fully automated solution, the LW2 is the most complete laser marking station on the market. Ergonomic and easy to use, this laser station makes it possible to quickly carry out all types of marking (texts, Data-matrix codes, logos, etc.), from single marking to large series.

Metal ID Tags

Print your own ID Tags with an unlimited range of uses. Secure the tags in place with the product Tie Loc®. A Tag imprinter is also available with a wide range of character sizes and sets. At JML Henderson Ltd we can even use our state of the art laser marking device to imprint your information on the tag!

Easy Read Characters

BAND-IT EASY READ letters, numbers and are symbols made from type 316 SS. Fits perfectly on any 1/4" or 3/8" tie. Slide directly onto Easy Carriers or cable ties to create a self-contained wrap tag. Easy to read in dim light and inaccessible places.

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