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Hose Carriers

Hose carriers are devices or tools designed to store, transport, and aid in the deployment of hoses. The primary function of hose carriers is to keep hoses organized, prolong their lifespan, and in some cases, like firefighting, ensure quick deployment. Our hose carriers are made out of heavy-duty plastic to resist corrosion and weathering, ensuring longevity. Hose carriers are a must-have for industries or operations where hoses play a crucial role. By ensuring the hoses are stored correctly and protected from potential damages, not only increase the lifespan of the hoses but also enhance safety and operational efficiency.

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Our silo hose tube containers provide dependable protection for your hoses, shielding them from dirt and potential damage. They meet the specific requirements set by the food and chemical industries for silo trailer forwarders.

Crafted from high-quality polyethylene and equipped with rust-resistant mounting parts, these hose tube containers come in a wide variety of designs. Additionally, they can feature doors on both sides, enabling convenient hose removal even in narrow loading areas. This design also facilitates easier monitoring of coupling cleanliness without the need to completely remove the hose from the container. Furthermore, handling two short hoses becomes more manageable with these containers.

Our hose tube containers come in single and double designs, lengths up to 6mtr are in stock, longer lengths and customized designs are also available.