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Masterflex is a brand of flexible hose systems and related products that are manufactured and distributed by Masterflex SE, a company based in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Masterflex specializes in the development and production of high-quality hoses and connection solutions for a wide range of industries and applications.

Masterflex offers a comprehensive range of flexible hoses designed to transport liquids, gases, and solids. These hoses are engineered to handle various substances, including chemicals, abrasives, and granulates, while ensuring efficient flow, durability, and resistance to wear and tear.

The company's product portfolio includes hoses made from different materials, such as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), polyurethane, silicone, and fluoropolymers. These hoses are available in various sizes, configurations, and wall thicknesses to meet the specific requirements of different industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, chemical, environmental, and manufacturing sectors.

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