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JML Henderson Services

JML Henderson takes pride in offering a comprehensive range of services to complement our top-quality products. With a customer-centric approach, we go beyond product supply to provide a holistic solution for your fluid transfer needs.

Hose Servicing

Why fork out for a brand new hose when it could simply be a faulty end, kinked hose or abrasive wear? We can identify these problems for you, replacing faulty components and re-testing.

Hose Assemblies

Hundreds of unique combinations to suit your application. Fixing methods range from Crimping, DIN 2817 Clamps, Mikalor Clamps, Bandit JS & UL. Assembled by our team of hose technicians.

Hose ID Tagging

Each hose comes with its own unique ID Tag, this enables full traceability down to each component, testing pressures and more. We can include multiple details during the engraving process.

JML Henderson is dedicated to providing top-notch industrial services, designed to optimize your operations while ensuring safety and efficiency. While specific services can vary, here are some services that we can offer at JML Henderson:

  1. Hose Servicing & Maintenance: Regular inspections and preventative maintenance for a variety of hose systems, including pressure testing, and integrity checks to prevent leaks and failures before they occur.
  2. Customized Hose Solutions: Design and provision of tailor-made hose solutions to meet unique industrial needs, whether for chemical transport, food and beverage processing, high-pressure hydraulics, or other applications.
  3. Technical Support: Expert assistance to help you troubleshoot issues, optimize system performance, and understand how to best use and maintain your products.
  4. Installation Services: Professional installation of hose systems to ensure they are set up correctly, safely, and in compliance with all regulations and industry best practices.
  5. Training & Consultation: Provision of training for your team on proper hose use and maintenance, as well as consultation services to help you choose the right hoses and systems for your specific needs.
  6. Product Sales: Supply of a wide range of industrial hoses and related products, each meeting high standards of quality and reliability.

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