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Mudguards & Brackets

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Mudguards and brackets are components used in automotive and trailer applications to protect the vehicle body from mud, water, and debris that can be thrown up by the wheels. They are commonly found on trucks, trailers, and other heavy-duty vehicles that are driven in wet or muddy conditions. Mudguards, also known as fenders, are typically made of metal or plastic and are mounted over the wheels to prevent mud and debris from being thrown up onto the vehicle body. Mudguards can be designed to fit different wheel sizes and may have features like flaps or splash guards to provide additional protection.

Brackets are used to mount the mudguards to the vehicle body or chassis. They are typically made of metal and are designed to provide a secure and stable attachment point for the mudguard. Brackets can be designed to fit different vehicle makes and models and may have features like adjustable mounting points to accommodate different mudguard sizes and styles.