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Aeration Valves

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Aeration valves are devices used in liquid handling systems to automatically release air or gas that has accumulated in pipes, pipelines, or tanks during filling or draining operations. The valves are typically installed at high points in the piping system or at the top of a tank to allow air or gas to escape as liquid fills the system, or to allow air to enter the system as liquid drains out. This helps to prevent air pockets or gas pockets from building up, which can cause flow problems, reduce system efficiency, or even cause damage to the system.

Aeration valves come in various designs and sizes, depending on the application and the size of the system. Some valves use a float mechanism that rises and falls with the liquid level, while others use a spring-loaded mechanism that automatically opens and closes in response to changes in pressure or flow. Aeration valves are commonly used in water supply and distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, and other liquid handling applications where air or gas buildup can be a problem. They are also used in industrial processes such as chemical manufacturing and petroleum refining to prevent gas pockets from forming in pipelines or tanks.