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Aeration Socks & Filters

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Aeration socks, also known as aeration filters, are porous textile devices used in wastewater treatment plants and other applications to provide aeration and filtration of air or gas. Our aeration socks are made of a high-strength, permeable fabric material that allows air or gas to pass through while retaining solids and other contaminants. The fabric is often composed of polyester or polypropylene fibers that are woven together to create a filter sock.

Aeration socks are commonly used in wastewater treatment plants as part of the activated sludge process. They are submerged in a tank or basin of wastewater and supplied with air or oxygen from a blower or diffuser system. The air or oxygen is then diffused through the porous fabric of the sock, providing aeration to the wastewater and promoting the growth of aerobic bacteria that break down organic matter. Aeration socks can also be used in other applications, such as in fish farms, where they are used to provide aeration to water and to filter out suspended solids and organic matter. Additionally, they can be used in industrial processes where aeration and filtration are needed, such as in chemical processing and fermentation.