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Flamex BF AE Non-Flammable FDA PU Hose

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The Flamex BF AE is a non-flammable, lightweight, and highly flexible hose designed specifically for applications like leaf collection and grass cutting machines. Its clear, transparent polyether polyurethane construction not only makes it suitable for the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries but also allows for easy identification of blockages. Being microbe-resistant and abrasion-resistant, it offers longevity and reliability in various demanding environments.

Key Features:

  1. Polyether Polyurethane Ducting: Made of clear, transparent polyether polyurethane, suitable for FDA-approved applications in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.
  2. Reinforced Construction: Embedded copper-coated high tensile steel wire helix adds strength and durability.
  3. PU Thickness: Measures 0.5 mm, ensuring flexibility while maintaining structural integrity.
  4. Lightweight Design: Allows for easy handling and installation across different applications.
  5. Highly Flexible: Adaptable to various environments and requirements, particularly in grass cutting and leaf collection.
  6. Non-Flammable: Enhances safety, particularly in environments where exposure to heat or sparks is possible.
  7. Microbe-Resistant: Prevents microbial growth, ensuring hygiene, especially in food and pharmaceutical applications.
  8. Abrasion-Resistant: Provides extended lifespan even when used with abrasive materials.

The Flamex BF AE Non-Flammable FDA PU Hose is not just an ideal solution for lawn and garden applications but also a robust option for industries that require adherence to strict hygiene and safety standards. Its transparency enables quick detection of blockages, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Whether used in commercial landscaping, industrial manufacturing, or specialized applications like food processing, the Flamex BF AE offers a blend of safety, flexibility, and efficiency that is hard to match.


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