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Burgmer Butterfly Valve DN200 6 Hole

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The Burgmer Butterfly Valve DN200 6 Hole stands out as an industry-standard for efficient flow control. The brand Burgmer is renowned for producing high-quality valves, and this product is no exception. The DN200 refers to the nominal diameter, indicating its suitability for pipelines with a 200mm diameter. Its unique 6-hole design ensures robust fitting and alignment, ensuring optimal performance.

Key Features:

  1. Optimized Diameter: The DN200 specification signifies the valve's compatibility with 200mm diameter pipelines, making it ideal for medium to large-scale operations.

  2. Robust Design: The 6-hole fitting ensures a secure connection, minimizing chances of leaks and promoting consistent performance.

  3. Premium Construction: Made from high-grade materials, this valve boasts prolonged durability and can withstand demanding industrial conditions.

  4. Precise Flow Regulation: The butterfly disc mechanism provides meticulous flow control, from full shut-off to maximum throughput.

  5. Advanced Sealing Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge sealing methods that ensure zero leakage when the valve is in its closed state.

  6. Versatile Applications: Designed for diverse usage, from water management systems to petrochemical processes and other industrial applications.

  7. Low Maintenance Requirement: Engineered for minimal upkeep, which means reduced operational costs and extended valve lifespan.

  8. Corrosion Resilience: The valve materials are treated or chosen to resist corrosion, especially when handling aggressive fluids.

  9. 6-Hole Design: This unique feature ensures superior alignment and stability, crucial for maintaining the valve's efficiency and lifespan.

The Burgmer Butterfly Valve DN200 6 Hole embodies the essence of quality craftsmanship and advanced engineering. For those in search of a high-performing butterfly valve solution, this product offers dependability backed by Burgmer's industry reputation. As with all such equipment, appropriate installation and regular maintenance are vital for sustaining its operational efficiency.


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