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Alfagomma 902LA Hard Wall Hot Air Blower Hose 10 Bar (150 psi)

Hoses are available in coils or can be cut to the desired length.

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The 902LA Alfagomma Hot Air Blower Hose represents a significant advancement in industrial hose technology. Specifically crafted to withstand the demands of hot air blowing applications, it is designed with a hard wall structure for superior performance and durability. Whether used in construction, manufacturing, or various industrial applications, this hose is built to deliver outstanding performance.

Key Features:

  1. High-Pressure Handling: Rated for pressures up to 10 Bar (150 psi), it can manage the rigors of high-pressure hot air blowing applications with ease.

  2. Heat Resistance: Engineered to withstand high temperatures, this hose is suitable for conveying hot air and gases without losing integrity or performance.

  3. Hard Wall Structure: The hard wall design provides increased durability and resistance to abrasion, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.

  4. Flexible Design: Despite its hard wall structure, the hose maintains a level of flexibility that facilitates ease of handling and installation.

  5. Quality Construction: Manufactured with top-tier materials to ensure long-lasting use and resistance to wear, tear, and environmental factors.

  6. Smooth Interior Surface: Designed with a smooth inner lining to allow unrestricted airflow, resulting in efficient and effective hot air transfer.

  7. Compatibility: Suitable for various applications that require hot air blowing, such as drying processes, heating, ventilation, and more.

  8. Versatility in Sizes: Available in different lengths and diameters to suit specific application requirements.

  9. Reinforced Construction: Additional reinforcement to enhance structural integrity, making it capable of handling both pressure and vacuum.

  10. Trusted Brand: Coming from Alfagomma, a respected name in the industry, you can rely on the quality, support, and expertise behind this product.

  11. Industry Compliance: Adheres to industry standards and regulations, ensuring a safe and compliant solution for hot air handling needs.

  12. Ease of Maintenance: Its robust construction allows for easy cleaning and minimal maintenance, keeping the hose in prime condition.

  13. Environmental Resistance: Resistant to weathering, aging, and various environmental conditions, maintaining consistent performance over time.

  14. Application-Specific Design: Tailored for the specific needs of hot air blowing, ensuring optimal performance in the required applications.

The 902LA Alfagomma Hot Air Blower Hose - Hard Wall is an essential tool for industries that require reliable and efficient hot air handling. Its unique design and quality construction make it a go-to solution for those in need of a robust, heat-resistant, and high-performance hose. Backed by the reputation and support of Alfagomma, this hose is an investment in efficiency and reliability, delivering the performance you need for your hot air blowing applications.


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