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Thor T27182 Delivery Hot Air Blower Hose 6 Bar (90 psi)

Hoses are available in coils or can be cut to the desired length.

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The T27182 Thor Delivery Hot Air Blower Hose is designed to function in specialized environments that require the transportation of heated air. Primarily used in the food industry, this hose is suitable for warming up dry and abrasive foodstuff during transportation, thereby preserving the quality and integrity of the products. With a working pressure of 6 Bar (90 psi), it's built to handle demanding applications.

Key Features:

  1. Mandrel Built Delivery Hose: Constructed using the mandrel built method, this hose offers enhanced strength, flexibility, and consistent dimensions, ensuring reliability and robust performance.
  2. Heated Air Transport: Specifically designed for the transportation of heated air from compressors to tanks, this hose finds its primary applications in the food industry for warming foodstuff.
  3. Compliance with FDA Standards: Meeting FDA standards, this hose is suitable for direct contact with food products, ensuring safety and compliance with stringent regulations.
  4. Working Pressure of 6 Bar (90 psi): With a working pressure of 6 Bar, it can withstand the demands of heated air transportation and provide reliable performance.
  5. Application in Food Industry: Particularly valuable in the food industry, it plays a vital role in maintaining the temperature and quality of dry and abrasive foodstuff during transportation, making it suitable for food processing, storage, and delivery applications.
  6. Durable Construction: Made using high-quality materials and construction techniques, the T27182 Thor Delivery Hot Air Blower Hose is built to last, offering resistance to wear and tear even in continuous use.
  7. Versatile Applications: While primarily designed for the food industry, its unique attributes make it suitable for various industrial applications that require the transportation of heated air.

    The T27182 Thor Delivery Hot Air Blower Hose represents a specialized solution in the realm of industrial hoses. With its compliance with FDA standards, ability to handle heated air, and robust construction, it serves a crucial role in the food industry, ensuring that products remain at the optimal temperature during transportation. Its mandrel-built construction gives it a durable and consistent structure that allows for reliable and long-lasting performance. Whether in food processing or other industrial applications requiring temperature control, this hose offers a valuable and specialized solution.


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