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Discharge Bowl Flange

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Discharge bowl flanges are components used in centrifugal pumps to connect the pump casing to the discharge piping. They are typically located at the discharge end of the pump and provide a connection point for the discharge piping to be attached to the pump. The discharge bowl flange is a circular plate with holes that match the bolt pattern of the pump casing. It is typically made of metal, such as cast iron, stainless steel, or bronze, to provide strength and durability.

Discharge bowl flanges come in different sizes and styles to fit various pump designs and piping systems. They may be designed to be bolted directly to the pump casing or may be mounted on a separate adapter plate. The flange connection between the pump casing and the discharge piping is important for the proper functioning of the pump system. The discharge bowl flange must be installed properly and tightened to the appropriate torque to ensure a secure connection between the pump and the piping.

Proper selection and installation of discharge bowl flanges are important for the safe and efficient operation of centrifugal pumps. A well-designed and installed discharge bowl flange can help to reduce the risk of leaks or failures in the pump system, ensuring the reliability of the system over time.