Hundreds of unique combinations to suit your application

din 2817 clamps

DIN 2817 Safety Clamps

Once the pair of DIN 2817 Safety clamps are secured to your Hose & Coupling they are no doubt one of the strongest connections. Commonly used in many hose assemblies. Simple to fit, make sure you have the correct size pair of clamps for your hose, secure all 4 nuts / bolts and away you go!

T Bolt Hose Clamps

We only use known brands when it comes to customers hose assemblies, with only branded NORMA GBS and MIKALOR SUPRA clamps. Full range from 17-19 to 395-408 suitable for small and large bore hoses.

mikalor norma gbs t bolt clamp
ultra lok bandit clamp

Performed Smooth ID Clamps

Ultra-Loc Clamps
Designed for quick installation, highest clamping force and gap-free inside diameter. The best choice for demanding applications!

  • Strongest band clamping system available
  • Double wrapped 201SS for superior strength
  • Unique lock formed under full tension maximizes tightness
  • Thicker buckle is 2-3 times stronger than other preformed clamps
  • Smooth inside diameter designed to eliminate leak paths
  • Buckle hood protects lock from snags


bandit js smooth band clamps

Junior Smooth ID Clamps
Wide choice of sizes and materials in a leak resistant design. Smooth ID Clamps reduce the risk of leaks especially when used on thin walled hoses.

  • Vibration resistant lip lock design. No hammering or crimping
  • Unique buckle nest and smooth ID design reduces leak paths
  • Double wrapped steel bands for additional strength
  • Various materials for corrosive environments
  • Available for hose assemblies up to 8" outside diameter

Production Hose Crimping

Innovative, productive and durable - Hose Crimper suited for the production environment.

Top advantages with our state of the art Crimping Machine

  • CE Conformity
  • Greaseless
  • Ergonomical
  • 400 TON / 4000 KN
  • Super secure connection
  • Tamper proof ends
  • Crimping hoses from 6mm to 200mm diameter
industrial hose crimping