4″ Camlock Female to 4″ Camlock Male – Grey PVC Hose

4″ Camlock Female to 4″ Camlock Male – Grey PVC Hose

Project Description
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  • November 24, 2017

Customer supplied the PVC Hose and Camlock Fittings, they wanted us to assemble the hoses and issue each hose with a unique id tag each hose is pressure tested to 4Bar.

The Camlock fittings was assembled into the hose and fixed with 2 x Bandit JS215 clamps each end. The hose ID tag was laser marked into one band on each end, giving the customer clear visibility of the hose tag.

Just one of the many quality hose applications assembled by JML Henderson Ltd for the bulk powder haulage industry.

More Information
  • Customer supplied PVC Hose
  • Camlock Male & Female
  • Bandit JS215 Clips
  • Assembled by trained and certificated employees

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