Hose Servicing & Maintenance

Service your hose assemblies, reuse old ends, shorten worn hoses… Cost effective solutions.

Maintain your hose fleet with ease

Why fork out for a brand new hose when it could simply be a faulty end, kinked hose or abrasive wear?

We can identify these problems for you and provide low cost solutions, such as reusing and reconditioning your old ends or shortening your hoses which removes any kinks and wear.

When a hose comes back for service it is typically checked for:

  • Electrical continuity
  • Any signs of wear and tear
  • Ensuring end connections are fit for use (Unicone tails, Storz ends & BSP fittings must pass certain tolerances, for example)

If all of the above PASS, the hose is finally put into an air pressure test bed with the air pressure increased until it reaches the customers requirements (for minimum of 10mins).

For more information on our processes or if you’d like to ensure your hoses remain fit for purpose along with our other happy customers, please get in touch on 01406 362978.

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